Team 4 in Kono District Validation meeting
CRC Validation Meeting - Bombali District
CRC Bo District Validation - Group Work, State Policy and Human Rights
CRC District Validation - Bonthe
CRC Validation Meeting - Kenema District
CRC Validation Meeting - Group Photo in Bonthe District
Group Work
Western Area Ward Level Validation meeting - YWCA Old Hall, Brookfields
Participants in Kenema District during the validation meeting
Western Area Rural - Waterloo Validation meeting
Executive Sub-Committee Group Work - Western Area Ward Level Validation Meeting
Team 1 on the high sea to Bonthe Island for the Validation meeting
Auditor General, Mrs. Lara Taylor Pearce presenting position paper
Native Consortium makes unique propositions to the CRC
CRC meet Ghana’s First Deputy Speaker of Parliament Rt. Hon. Ebo Barton Oduro
CRC Members meet with Ghana’s CRIC Chair Prof. EVO Dankwa
CRC meet Ghana’s First Deputy Speaker of Parliament Rt. Hon. Ebo Barton Oduro
CRC Chair meet Ghana’s Deputy Minister of Lands and Natural Resources
CRC Chair Receiving Legal Documents from Ghana’s Deputy Minister of Lands and Natural Resource
CRC Members with Ghana’s National Development Planning Commission
CRC Study Tour to Kenya
CRC Study Tour to Kenya
CRC Study Tour to Kenya

Sierra Leone currently operates on the basis of the 1991 Constitution. The Constitution signaled an end to one-party rule and ushered in a new political dispensation of multi-party democracy. However, the Constitution was endorsed three months after the civil war broke out. As part of the process of negotiating the end to the civil war, Article X of the July 1999 Lome Peace Accord provided for a review of the Constitution.


Subsequently, the Truth and Reconciliation Commission (TRC), established in 2002 also urged the Government of Sierra Leone to give "serious consideration" to the creation of a "new constitution", in order to contribute to human rights and democracy in the country. It has been long agreed by all political parties that the 1991 Constitution, while contributing to the development of peace and stability in the country, does not reflect the modern values of the country and requires amendment in order to facilitate the continued development of a democratic and stable country.


His Excellency the President of Sierra Leone, Dr. Ernest Bai Koroma officially launched the Constitutional Review process on 30th July, 2013 with the inauguration of the Constitutional Review Committee.

  CRC Abridged Draft Report - February 2016

The CRC’s task was to review the 1991 Constitution of Sierra Leone together with the Peter Tucker Constitutional Review Commission Report (PTCR) which was submitted to government in January 2008 as a working document.

During the two - year process the CRC carried out extensive consultations with Sierra Leoneans both inside the country and in the diaspora (Ghana and Kenya).

The main goal of the revised Constitution is to strengthen the existing multi-party democracy and to create an open and transparent society. This abridged draft has been produced to highlight the major recommendations from the CRC, for further consideration and validation by the people. Download Report here- [.doc] [.pdf]


Please download our Comment / Feedback Form and submit to the CRC Secretariat, Miatta Conference Center, Brookfields, or email to


Justice Edmond Cowan
Justice Edmond Cowan


Mr. Saa Kpulun
Saa Kpulun
Executive Secretary


Mr. Sanaulah Boloch
Sannaulah Baloch
Chief Technical Adviser


Mr. David Conteh
David C. Conteh
Deputy Secretary


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 UNDP/CRC/CSO Outreach







UNDP – Sierra Leone – Quarterly Project Progress Report

UNDP – CCC– Quarterly Project Progress Report

CGG - Report on Project Titled: A Multi Stakeholders’ approach to Constitution Building

NCD completes phase two of the campaign by engaging fifteen Constituencies

Facilitating Development through Constitutional Review Project (FADCORP)

WANEP - Sierra Leone - Impact Assessment/Progress Report on UNDP sponsored project



  District Level Consultations Report

Moyamba &
Bo Districts


Kenema &
Pujehun Districts

Tonkolili &
Kambia Districts


Bombali & Port Loko











  Western Urban and Rural Consultations Report

Wards -
326 - 329,
346 - 355

Wards -
356 - 356,
331 - 335

Wards -
366 - 375,
330, 336 - 337

Wards -
376 - 385,
338 - 341

Wards -
386 - 394,
342 - 345






 CRC Sub-committees 2014 Progress Report 





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Working Document

1991 Constitution and Peter Tucker Report Combined
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